Optimized production technology in intelligent manufacturing construction machinery industry

Time:2019-05-27 10:26:43

Intelligent manufacturing is anintelligent machines and man-machine integration intelligentsystem consisting of humanexperts, it is able to conductintelligence activities in themanufacturing process, such asanalysis, reasoning, judgment,planning and decision-making.Through work with intelligent machines, expanded, extended and partially replace the human expert inthe manufacturing process of the brain. It updated the concept of manufacturing automation, extendingto flexible, intelligent, and highly integrated. In the field of mechanical engineering, intelligentmanufacturing concept is the production, processing and other processes technology informationthrough the Internet, in order to increase efficiency, improve product accuracy and optimizingproduction purposes.

Intelligent manufacturing push hands

Minister of industry and information technology Miao Wei, wrote a few days ago, through theimplementation of "made in China" 2025 ", China manufactured powerhouse building process. To this end, will promote the implementation of a national manufacturing Innovation Center construction,intelligent manufacturing, a strong industrial base, green manufacturing and high-end equipmentinnovation project.


Chief Engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology spokesman, Zhang said theMinistry in implementing the "Internet +" guidance, primarily in the "two" and "two supports". "Two key"push "Internet +" collaborative manufacturing and Internet "+" fusion of small business entrepreneurialdevelopment. Along with "two supports", the "two supports" is to push the whole society "+ Internet"infrastructure, that is, information network infrastructure construction to meet, keep up with the whole society, "Internet +" needs. Our infrastructure despite the fact that after many years of effort, than a greatdeal of progress on my own, but compared with the advanced countries in the world, including the next steps to implement Internet "+" here requires a lot of resources and a lot of infrastructure to besupported, so