Bearing casting industry in China will be entering the world powers

Time:2019-05-31 08:54:59

Domestic bearing casting industry is shouldering the important mission of high-end equipment localization in China, under the guidance of "twelfth five-year" plan, the bearing of casting industry in China to develop the industry development planning. Developed to promote domestic projects and export tandem mold industry development policy.


It is understood that in rail transit, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, automobile lightweight, the development of rail transportation and other fields, bearing the casting industry in our country level is significantly improved. Bearing the foundry industry in the traditional market department forward at the same time, actively explore new markets, and even in the past neglected the edge of the market has been developed.


According to the current development level of bearing casting industry, through cooperation with casting bearing enterprises by the government, and relevant experts forecast that by 2015, sales of high-end bearing only casting industry in China will reach 222 billion yuan, China's high-end casting bearing industry progress is obvious. Plus mid-range casting bearing products production, production of casting bearing industry in our country in the world will achieve great-power status. At that time, our country's casting bearing industry both in production and quality have been greatly improved, trend that casting bearing industry of China is about to enter the ranks of world powers.